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Expense Reimbursement Form Information

Expense Reimbursement Form Policy

The Mend It Now Handyman Services Reimbursement Request Form must be used. The form must be fully completed online and submitted to the company.

You cannot submit an Expense Reimbursement Request for payment made to an individual/sole proprietor. When paying an individual you will need to submit a check request form or a purchase requisition form. The Mend It Now Companies must issue checks directly to individuals and sole proprietors.


Submit photocopies of detailed receipts (showing what was purchased) with the Expense Reimbursement Request Form. The credit card receipts or credit card billing statements are not adequate support for reimbursement. If the receipts for a seminar, membership dues, subscription, etc., do not show the date(s) of the seminar/conference or period covered for dues or subscriptions, you need to attach a form or brochure showing a description and date.

Make sure the form is fully and properly completed and submitted with photocopies of the original receipts showing proof the expense was incurred and paid for.

Make sure when listing the business purpose of an expense to include the what, where, and why. Ex: for a meeting, you would need to list what type of meeting and the business purpose (why) for the meeting. For mileage reimbursement, you need to list the purpose (what & why) for the mileage and cities of travel (include the starting point and ending point).

List expenses on a daily basis.  List meals on a daily basis; do not combine the daily totals.


Do not request reimbursement for personal use items.

Do not submit handwritten or hand typed expense reimbursement forms.

Do not forget to list the business purpose (what, where & why) of the expense.


Processing/Time Lines

All properly completed and authorized Expense Reimbursement Requests must be submitted to the company.  The date that the properly completed Expense Reimbursement Request is received is the date that is used as the submission date. All Expense Reimbursement Forms must to be submitted within 7 days of the date the expense was incurred.


Adherence to the above guidelines will enable individuals to be reimbursed in a timely manner. All incomplete and inaccurate forms will be returned for corrections and resubmission.

If you have questions regarding completing the form you can contact Mend It Now Company management at the company telephone number –   (855) 463-6348.

Please Note:  Mend It Now maintains the exclusive right to approve or deny any and all reimbursement requests if the request is deemed not to be a reimburse-able expense. 

Click Here to Open the Expense Reimbursement Form

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