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Markate: Customer Relations Management Training Presentation

Welcome to this Mend It Now Handyman Services online training presentation. This brief presentation will introduce you to the Markate Customer Relations Management program. Markate is an online scheduling & management program used by our company for organization, processing and  customer relations management. It assists us in managing and maintaining online payments and tracking, preparation and submission of estimates, work orders and invoices, organizing project scheduling, and many more daily business operations. It also provides a direct line of communication between in-house team members and field personnel.


This presentation consists of several pre-recorded videos that will teach you how to navigate the Markate mobile app and how to utilize it to process the required online customer relations operations. Each Mend It Now team member will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Markate processing system to carry out their operational duties and responsibilities. In addition, the Mend It Now management team will also provide periodic training sessions to further understand the utilization of the system. 


Before viewing the information, you'll need to download the Markate: Job Management app on your iOS or Android mobile device. You can also access the system by visiting on your PC or laptop computer.


Please Note:  Online web access is available by permission only and some titled positions will only be permitted mobile access to the Markate system.   

Each video has been loaded in a sequence to provide the most relevant and useful information for team members to begin using the system as quickly as possible. Each video can be viewed as often as needed. For questions regarding any part of the Markate system and its usage, contact your assigned company manager.

Tap "Load More" below to view more videos.

How to use Employee app
Organize App Homepage
Schedule Estimate
How to Create Work Order from app
Reschedule Work order from Mobile app
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