Please Note:  Mend It Now Handyman Services is a Labor and Material Company.


  • The client is responsible for the cost of all materials required for the project.

  • All materials purchased by Mend It Now Handyman Services will be added to the service invoice for reimbursement from the client. 

  • Our company offers several service project packages.  They are as follows:

2-Hour Service Package - $155.00

4-Hour (Half-Day) Service Package - $265.00

8-Hour (Full-Day) Service Package - $465.00

On-Site Inspection/Estimate Only Fee - $35.00 

The 4-Hour and 8-Hour service packages both include "1" Property Service Technician material pick-up run.  All subsequent material pick up runs, which are seldom, are $25.00 each. 

There is no up-selling and no hidden costs! 


For larger projects, a Property Service Technician may prepare a competitive line item bid that will be more appropriate for your particular project needs.  Also, in some service locations we offer night, evening and emergency maintenance services for your convenience - A service package cost increase may apply for these services. 


Additional charges may be necessary for specialty equipment rental, dumpster rental, debris removal and/or dump fees.    

For any questions regarding the Pricing and Fees, please contact us directly at (855) 463-6348.






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