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Please Note:  Mend It Now Handyman Services is a Labor Only company.


  • Our company offers our professional services on an hourly service rate with a 2-hour minimum standard. The hourly service is calculated and billed in 15 minute increments after the minimum 2-hour standard is met. 

  • We charge a one-time mandatory service fee of $35.00.  

  • The client is responsible for the cost of all materials required for the project. All materials purchased by Mend It Now Handyman Services will be added to the service invoice for reimbursement from the client. 


For larger projects, a Property Service Technician may prepare a competitive line item bid that will be more appropriate for your particular project needs.  Also, in some service locations we offer night, evening and emergency maintenance services for your convenience - An hourly cost increase may apply for these services. 


Additional charges may be necessary for specialty equipment rental, dumpster rental, debris removal/dumpster fees, etc.    

For any questions regarding the Pricing and Fees in your particular service area, please contact us directly at (855) 463-6348.


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