Mend It Now Handyman Services offers several convenient Service Packages.  A 2-Hour Service Package, a Half Day Service Package and a Full Day Service Package.  The Half Day Service Package allows one professional Technician to perform your requested services up to 4 hours and the Full Day Service Package allows one professional Technician to perform your requests up to 8 hours.   Each service package includes one material and supply pick up "run" by the technician.  There is a minimal $25.00 charge for each subsequent material pick up run.  

Your Mend It Now Handyman Service Technician will diligently attempt to complete all of your service requests, however, in some instances, completing all of the tasks will not be possible due to the service package time constraints. For this reason, we will assist you in prioritizing your service requests so that we are guaranteed to complete the most important projects first.  


We invite you to contact us at our toll free number for a free telephone consultation.  We can discuss the services that you may need and assist you in choosing the right service package for your home or business. 


PLEASE NOTE: Mend It Now Handyman Services does not provide materials for the Service Packages we offer.  The customer is responsible for purchasing all required materials.

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