Mend It Now Handyman Services is a  privately owned Colorado based company with offices in multiple metropolitan areas across the country. We are experiencing rapid growth and have plans to expand our services to more cities by the end of 2018.  The company's management team is highly experienced and exceptionally qualified. Principal owner, Myron L. Latney, Sr. leads the management team with nearly twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry. As a company owner, he has successfully managed residential and commercial projects of all sizes from Connecticut to Las Vegas. He's worked with some of the brightest and most talented individuals in the industry.  He has a keen eye for talent and has the distinct ability to motivate his team to do all they set out to do.

The Mend It Now Handyman Services team is committed to one particular objective, Producing Completely Satisfied Customers.  We do this by adhering to the company's mission:

"Our mission is to become the nation's best and most sought after handyman service by guaranteeing

each and every customer a professionally-driven property maintenance service that is affordable, 

consistently dependable and of the highest quality."

Current Service Locations

Coming Soon!!

Region 2 - Denver, CO

Region 6A - Evansville, IN

Region 3 - Houston, TX

Region 6B - Indianapolis, IN

Region 4 - Dallas, TX

Region 6C - Nashville, TN

Region 5 - Detroit, MI

Region 7 - Pueblo, CO

Region 8 - Los Angeles, CA

Region 11- San Diego, CA

Region 9 - Colorado Springs, CO

Region 12 - Toledo, OH

Region 10 - Atlanta, GA

Region 13 - South Jersey

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