Mend It Now Handyman Services offers five convenient ways for customers to pay for services received.  Below, we'll explain each option and you can choose the method of payment that is most convenient for you.  Also, Mend It Now Handyman Services does accept cash payments for any of our services offered.    

1. PayPal Here


Each of our C&R Property Service Technicians are equipped with a Mend-It-Now Handyman Services issued PayPal Here swipe device which connects directly to their smart phone or tablet.  This device allows you to pay for your service by swiping your credit or debit card and following the prompts on the phone/tablet.  At the end, simply use your finger to sign the touch screen and complete your payment.  This payment method is convenient, secure and hassle free.  A service receipt will be immediately generated and sent to you via email or text. 


We've provided a short video for you that further explains how PayPal Here works....

2. Make Your PayPal Payment Online


                                Upon completion of your Mend It Now Handyman Services project, you can conveniently make your credit or debit                                 card payment online via our secured PayPal account.  Click on the appropriate                          button below and you                                     will be directed to the Mend It Now Handyman Services PayPal Checkout Page.  Just follow the directions on the                                       page to input your information and click submit to complete your transaction.  This payment method is convenient,                                     secure and hassle free.  A service receipt will be immediately generated and sent to you via email or text.                                               

Project Service Fee

To pay for your services, click on the                              button to the right and follow the instructions as indicated  Be sure to include the Total Service Cost + Materials purchased by Mend It Now Handyman Services + Material Pick Up Fee, if applicable.  

If your services only included a Property Assessment, follow the instructions and enter that total in the payment section. 

On the Mend Flex Program Service Fee (Maintenance Plan)

Use this feature to issue payment for your initial membership fee and for monthly membership installments. Click the Pay Now button to pay for services.   

3. Pay By Phone


Many customers may find it easier, more convenient and, for different reasons, necessary to pay for

their services by phone.  At Mend It Now Handyman Services, it is our goal to accommodate each and

every customer and make your experience as smooth as possible.  To pay by phone, call our toll-free

number 1-855-463-6348, and one of our friendly associates will be happy to assist you with your

payment transaction.  A service receipt will be immediately generated and sent to you via email or text.  




4. Pay By Check


Although the use of paper checks for payment is not as common as it was in the past, many customers still use them to pay for many goods and services.  So, if you would like to pay for your service project by check, feel free to do so.  Simply make your check payable to Mend It Now Handyman Services and your C&R Property Service Technician will accept it.  Once received, your check will be deposited into our company account and will show on your next bank statement.  Your C&R Property Service Technician will request a service receipt be sent to you via email or text.  

5. Pay With Cash


Yes, with Mend It Now Handyman Services, you can pay for your services with cash.  However, if you do choose this payment option, we simply ask that you notify the Technician prior to the start of the project.  The reason for this is, Mend-It-Now Handyman Services requires that all Property Service Technicians notify their District Manager of all cash payments for services rendered.