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The Mend It Now Warranty 

(Print a copy of this document for your records)

MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES will repair, free of charge, defects in workmanship performed under contract for one (1) year. Warranty is for labor only, and does not apply to material failure, normal wear and tear, acts of God, or a change in the Customer’s mind.


Our warranty becomes effective when complete payment has been credited to MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES. Warranty work does not extend the original warranty period. Incomplete payment or separate payment made payable to the MINHS Technician for work completed by the technician but not authorized by MINHS, for any reason, voids the warranty.

MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES has the right to refund a portion of the cost in lieu of work completion or warranty work. Warranty work is to be performed by the original MINHS Technician, if available. If not, MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES reserves the right to assign a different MINHS Technician to fulfill the warranty as described. If the Customer or Customer’s contractor modifies work performed by MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES in any way, the warranty is void. Neither the warranty nor the Service Contract is transferable. All claims must be accompanied by original Service contract.


Certain work is excluded from warranty including, but not limited to, caulking, grouting, drywall cracks, blocked plumbing, roof repairs, gutter guards and leaks of any type unless the unit is replaced (for example, a faucet), cleaning, landscaping,


Estimate is for labor only and does not include materials. Customer may supply materials or may request MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES purchase and transport materials. MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES reserves the right to approve Customer supplied materials. Customer must approve all materials supplied by MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES prior to use.


Customer agrees to reimburse MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES for all materials purchased or supplied. Materials may include but are not limited to: consumable tools (like sandpaper), tool rental, delivery charges, dump fees, etc. MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES provides no warranty on materials and no reimbursement for any materials will be made under any circumstances. If materials are found to be defective due to no fault of MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES, additional cost may be required to replace the defective materials.


All selections relative to style, color, texture, etc. are the sole responsibility of the Customer. MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES does not guarantee matching of existing paint, stain, tile, caulk, grout, texture, brick, mortar, etc.


Unless otherwise stated on the service contract, all paint services completed is estimated for one coat of paint only.


Permits, utility flagging, and debris removal not created by MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES related services are the sole responsibility of Customer unless otherwise stated on the service contract.


All changes to the service contract must be made in writing and initialed by the Customer.  If unforeseen or hidden problems are discovered during the job, the MINHS Technician will stop all work and reassess the job and review the reassessment with the Customer. The Customer will then confirm and approve, in writing, to resume and complete the work as necessary.

Estimates are valid for seven (7) days and are based on the MINHS Technician assigned to the service request. Another estimate will be required if the assigned MINHS Technician is unavailable for any reason. If the MINHS Technician’s association with MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES terminates or he/she becomes unavailable or the Customer requests a different MINHS Technician, either the Customer or MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES may cancel the contract, and payment will be due based on the work completed.


This warranty supersedes all other previous warranty’s, agreements, and advertisements, written or oral. There are no other warranty’s/guarantee’s expressed or implied and there is no liability for consequential damages of any kind. Any representations made by the MINHS Technician other than those set forth in the Service Contract or this warranty are hereby disclaimed by MEND IT NOW HANDYMAN SERVICES.


Customer’s signature by job(s) authorize MINHS Technician to begin the work. Payment is due in full at the completion of work authorized under the contract. Signature on the contract indicates the customer has inspected and has accepted the quality and completion of all work performed under the contract.


A surcharge of $35 will be assessed on all returned checks.

Mend It Now Handyman Services - 2024

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