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Thank you for visiting our website.  We’re excited about the opportunity to service your next handyman project.  We’re more than confident that we can meet your expectations for all of your home and small business project needs. Please take time and learn more about who we are, the services we offer, and what our company's mission is.  Thanks again and please contact Mend It Now Handyman Services when you’re ready to receive top quality maintenance services for your home or business. 

We offer the following services and more:


We're Handy in Bathrooms.  

Sooner or later we'll all have a 

problem in this room of the house. From leaking faucets to failed caulk, we can take care of it for you.

We're Handy with Carpentry.

From crown moulding to base trim, we can remove it, repair it or install it.  We can handle all of

your basic carpentry needs.  

We're Handy with Doors. 

Got a door that's difficult to close? Would you like to replace that old lockset?  For our professional technicians, that's no problem. 

We're Handy with Drywall.

Got a doorknob hole in a wall?  Nail holes from hanging pictures?  We can take care of all of your drywall needs!    


We're Handy with flooring.

Need that broken piece of floor tile replaced?  Got a scratch in your beautiful hardwood floor?  Let a Mend It Now Tech handle it.   

We're Handy with the Cabinets.,

Need to hang a few cabinets,

adjust cabinet doors...Bath or Kitchen, we can do it better than most.  

We're Handy with Painting.
Want some new color on those walls?  Old paint flaking and peeling?  You supply the paint and we'll put it on. 

We're Handy with Electrical.
Need a light switch replaced?  An outlet no longer working properly?  We can perform all types of minor electrical repairs.  

Fence Repair.jpg

We're Handy with Furniture.

Purchased a few pieces of furniture that need assembly?  Chairs and tables not as sturdy anymore?  We can put those pieces together for you.  

We're Handy with Exteriors.
Power wash the driveway, repair that fence or apply caulk

to the siding, we can improve

your home's curb appeal.

We're Handy with Appliances.
Got a new washer and need it installed?  Lint collecting in your dryer vent?  We can install your washer and clear that vent. 

We're Handy with Plumbing.

Need a leaky faucet repaired?  Need a kitchen or bath faucet replaced?  Got a running toilet? We can perform many minor plumbing repairs the right way.   

We're only a phone call away


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to schedule your next service


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